So at Christmas you have new technology. You have the time of your life learning the pros and cons of these cool devices. There is only one problem – with the new technology comes new problems.

Hackers these days are working faster than the speed of light, attacking anyone and everything, including your new goodies. Even the US government is not safe from network-crippling cyber attacks. Tap or click here for updates on the new multi-agency cyberattack.

Bottom line: it’s time to prepare for cyberattacks. If you want to keep your identity, apps, and bank accounts safe from hackers, you need to be proactive. Not sure how to protect your devices? Don’t worry – just follow these important safety steps.

1. Set up a guest network for all connected devices

What do you do first after setting up a new device? Usually you connect it to your home’s wireless internet. We all have tons of connected devices – new …

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