Rated 4/5 star by verified buyers, Ivacy VPN allows you to get online with complete anonymity, lightning-fast speeds, powerful encryption, and much more. With the 2 account package, you can keep one for yourself and give another to a friend or loved one!

We live in a world and time where caring for your digital security is paramount. Constantly tracked, geo-restricted and targeted by advertisers, social media companies and search engines – everyday internet users must take significant steps to protect their privacy.

A simple and proven approach to protecting yourself online is to invest in a proven VPN. For example the Ivacy VPN ”Lifetime Subscription for 5 devices (2-account bundle) is available now for only $ 49.99. Instead of paying a recurring subscription fee, this deal represents a great savings option for anyone in the market for a VPN.

Rated 4/5 stars by verified buyers, the Ivacy VPN allows you to get online …

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