Kishore Durg, Senior Managing Director and Lead, Cloud First Global Services, Accenture

Research from Accenture has shown that moving on-premises data centers to the public cloud can reduce a company’s energy consumption by 65% ​​and CO2 emissions by more than 84%. Migrating existing private workloads to a public cloud could reduce global CO2 emissions by almost 60 million tons per year – the equivalent of taking 22 million gasoline-powered cars out of use.

Here is a real-world example. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Canada’s national housing authority, has reduced the carbon footprint of its IT operations. CMHC has undertaken a major IT transformation with Accenture, including a transition to the cloud, which has reduced IT-related carbon emissions by more than 80%.

“Every company must now master change quickly and comprehensively so that not only shareholders and employees, but also our communities and the planet benefit,” said Kishore Durg, …


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