NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 14, 2021 / – Free VPNs are a great alternative when an internet user wants to be safe in cyberspace but doesn’t want to invest or spend money on a VPN. These free VPN services are also intended for users who are new to this type of technology.

While you may be excited to install one for your device, it is imperative to understand the advantages and also the possible disadvantages of connecting to a free VPN. Finally, the most important thing is the safety and privacy of the user.

The professionals

1. Hidden IP Address – Like any (paid) VPN, a free VPN can make the user’s IP address invisible to online third parties such as websites, apps, cyber thieves, ISPs, and the government. This way, any online activity will not be seen, so that third parties can no longer track it. So the user’s personal information is safe, especially for cyber thieves who do this type of …


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