Prophecy International announced that it has migrated its entire VMware environment to the cloud using the Oracle Cloud VMware solution.

The Adelaide-based global provider uses the solution to eliminate the need to rewrite applications, enabling the company to improve its business operations.

Prophecy says they are building on their previous successful relationship with Oracle after seeing a 1.7x performance increase and up to 40% cost savings moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from AWS in 2021 for the eMite SaaS solution have found.

The company also says moving to the cloud represents a growth opportunity for them and their existing SaaS applications. By migrating from on-premises development environments to the cloud, Prophecy says they can scale workloads on demand, enabling better and more efficient hybrid work environments and accessibility.

Leveraging the Oracle Cloud VMware solution on OCI, Prophecy can quickly migrate its entire VMware inventory to…

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