At the top of an Amazon press release sent out this week is an eerie picture. It is a rocket with an American flag printed on it and above it the smiling Amazon logo that flies in the sky. The company is officially taking its business into space, and Jeff Bezos isn’t even providing the ride.

Amazon recently announced that a startup called ABL Space Systems will deliver two prototype satellites for the Kuiper Project by the end of next year, the company’s efforts to build a low-earth orbit or LEO satellite constellation that can beam the internet connection down Earth . Amazon says it will eventually deploy 3,236 such satellites “providing fast, affordable broadband to unserved and underserved communities around the world.” It doesn’t hurt that evolving into a space-based Internet service provider could also help grow the company’s cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Amazon says the satellites will partner with Verizon to …

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