Proactive backup measures simplify the recovery of virtual servers


Many threats can lead to data loss: ransomware attacks, multiple hardware failures, natural disasters, or even theft. IT administrators need to ensure the right preventive backup measures are in place for easier recovery and minimal data corruption.

Data protection for virtual infrastructures is something that IT teams should be proactive about. The virtualized infrastructure allows for software-based recovery options within VMware, but there are file storage and data dependency considerations.

One benefit is that VMs collect files, create a backup of those files, and store the entire VM with the OS and files at once.

With a virtual infrastructure, most backup offerings work directly with the storage where the VMs are stored. This configuration eliminates network congestion and shortens the time required for the entire backup process.

One downside is that a backup contains the VM as a single set of files, making it difficult to restore individual files….

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