An update to Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud CSPM this week includes new network visibility features designed to reduce the bombardment of security alerts for enterprise DevSecOps teams.

Management of the cloud security status (CSPM) tools like Prisma Cloud are used to identify configuration errors and violations of security policies in the cloud computing infrastructure. The number of tools in this market is growing as container security providers such as Sysdig Add CSPM capabilities.

Cloud-native security and IT automation tools are also increasingly using AI and machine learning to quickly identify the root cause of problems in complex distributed infrastructures and to reduce the noise IT platform operators have to contend with with security and performance monitoring tools.

In line with these trends, Palo Alto introduced Prisma Cloud when it rebuilt its product line starting in 2019 based on a number of acquisitions. The first of these acquisitions included the CSPM startup RedLock, the Palo Alto …

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