Five months later announced The fact that Pal Gelsinger would step down as CEO of VMware to take over the top position at Intel has finally appointed the virtualization giant as a permanent successor. Raghu Raghuram – a long-time employee of the company – was appointed the new CEO. He will take on the new role on June 1st. Until then, CFO Zane Rowe will take over the role in the meantime.

Raghuram has worked for the company in various roles for 17 years, most recently as COO for products and cloud services. He has also held positions with the company, leading areas such as data centers and VMware’s server business. When you put a veteran at the top, you get a clear message that VMware has selected someone who is clearly dedicated to the company and its culture. No drama here.

Indeed, the move comes at a time when many other changes are already underway and speaks to the company looking for stability and continuity to make it happen. About a month ago, Dell Approved

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