Computer chip design company Arm Ltd. is working hard to reduce application and product development times for the “Internet of Things” with the introduction of a new, solution-based approach to IoT design.

the Arm total solutions for IoT initiative announced today Arm DevSummit 2021 is based on the fundamentals of Arm’s Corstone reference package which is used by its partners to design silicon chips. The key element is Arming of virtual hardware targets, which is a new, cloud-based virtual model of the Corstone subsystem that enables developers to design and test new software without physical silicon.

With this approach, Arm virtualizes its silicon chips, allowing developers to simulate various aspects of the processors their software is running on, including memory usage, peripherals, and more. This means that IoT developers can now use modern, agile software development methods such as DevOps and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment …


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