SHELDON – The humble Sheldon Prairie Museum embraced high tech and installed its new arsenal of surveillance cameras, tripling the number of VCRs.

The project was completed in February and cost around $ 26,000.

Endowed solely with donations and memorials, the Sheldon Historical Society paid half as one of the two groups overseeing the museum. The publicly funded museum board took the remainder of the bill. Director Millie Vos is a member of the two groups.

“We had surveillance cameras, but they weren’t the latest,” Vos said. “We didn’t get any pictures in which we could really see people’s faces or anything like that.”

The outdated system only had five cameras, none of which were placed outside the building. The new recorders not only protect against break-ins and theft, but also help to allay security concerns.

Vos said that if there was a fall, either …


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