Illustration for the article titled Cops Get Free High-Tech Lassos for Use on Suspects by Sharing Their Body Cam footage

photo: Wrap technologies

Police give Wrap Technologies recordings and testimonials from body cameras to help the security firm market their controversial one High-tech lasso, the BolaWrap, to other police stations, the daily point reported. In some cases, Wrap allegedly sweetened the deal by offering a free device to departments that shared footage.

The BolaWrap, which Wrap markets as a de-escalation tool to the police, uses gunpowder to explosively discharge a eight-foot-long, metal-barbed Kevlar tether. It’s designed to remotely detain “uncooperative suspects or unresponsive people” within a range of 10 to 25 feet, according to Wrap’s website.

Police departments in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Wyoming, Minnesota and Beaufort, South Carolina readily provided Wrap with bodycam footage of officers using the BolaWrap at work, according to email correspondence with public records requested and sent by the point of sale has been checked. Wrap went on to edit …


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