A screenshot of People vs Preds

The man referred to as “Jeff” in the video posted online on Friday
Screenshot: Youtube

George Cacioppo, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president, who had worked in tech and the PlayStation Store since 2013, was “fired” from his position after he reportedly appeared in a video of a pedophile stab operation over the weekend.

People against Preds, a vigilante group trying to capture and then publicize men allegedly involved in pedophilia, posted this video over the weekend after claiming they posed as a 15-year-old boy and made contact with Cacioppo online who then invited her over to his home for sex.

People against Preds claim they had conversations with the man they claim is Cacioppo – who used the pseudonym “Jeff” – on the Grindr dating site, and after discussions, agreed to meet at “Jeff” s home hold true. The above video starts with a member of the group approaching a house and greeting a man named “Jeff” who opens the door in a PS5 t-shirt before closing the door on their faces after completing the purpose have disclosed their work to film.

While the video alone does not show any crimes committed and cannot confirm Cacioppo’s identity, People against Preds Even posted several screenshots They say they detail the arrangements for the encounter, including an alleged selfie of Cacioppo wearing the same shirt “Jeff” is wearing in the video.

CNET report now that the senior vice president has been fired, with a Sony representative saying in a statement: “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been fired.”

Meanwhile a representative of People against Preds told Kotaku the reason this information was made public and not given directly to the authorities was because “the police do not work with ‘cyber groups’ like us. Then the Internet takes over. ”However, they also confirm that“ Evidence has been passed on to the authorities ”.

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