PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Have you ever had to ask a passing stranger to take a picture of you and a group of friends or family?

A new flying camera from social app Snapchat’s parent company could be just what you’re looking for.

Snap’s new pocket-sized Pixy camera can capture images while hovering, circling, or flying a few feet above you.

The camera has no controller.

“Everything you need to capture the moment from a new perspective is right in the palm of your hand. With a simple push of a button, Pixy flies in four preset trajectories. It can hover, orbit, and follow where you lead you without a controller or other setup. And Pixy finds its home in your hand and lands softly at the end of the flight,” Snap said a press release Thursday.

The photos will be automatically transferred to your Snapchat memories and ready to be shared on all your social channels.

“With a few taps, you can automatically crop to portrait mode and apply quick smart edits like Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut. Then share them to Chat, Stories, Spotlight, or any other platform,” Snap says.

It’s on sale now and costs $229.99.

Snap says there are a few things to know before using your pixy, including FAA Laws and Regulations.

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