With just over 36 hours to go until the Pixel Fall event, the biggest remaining unknown is how much Google’s flagships will cost in 2021. A possible US price for the Pixel 6 has now surfaced.

Stateside, a shopper at Target spotted labels for the upcoming Google phones. There is “Pixel6128GBStormy” for $ 599 and $ 898 for “Pixel6Pro128GBStormy”. The fact that the latter ends with an “8” instead of a “9” is rather unconventional and could change in the coming days.

We see a Pixel 4a label in the lower left corner while there is a second Pixel 6 label with no color. Despite the tweet’s speculation, we’re not suspecting immediate retail availability after Tuesday’s announcement, and a Tweet from M. Brandon Lee confirms that the “Street Date” is October 28th.

In the meantime, $ 599 – if right – means very aggressive US prices for the entry-level device in the Pixel 6 range. The 128GB Pixel 5 was $ 699 last year, and many blamed mmWave for the extra $ 100. Assuming tonight’s price is correct, the inclusion of the extra 5G radio doesn’t result in a price penalty or Google eats the cost.

It is significantly less than the “high quality product“, As suggested by Google hardware boss Rick Osterloh in August. The company could have postponed pricing because there is certainly a discrepancy.

This morning Amazon UK (as discovered by Roland Quandt) also listed the 128GB Pixel 6 Pro £ 849 and 256 GB for 949 €. The Pixel 6 was £ 599 for comparison, while the new phones are slated to be available in the UK from November 1st.

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