A listing only appeared today Amazon revealed that the pixel 6 Pro will start at £ 849 (~ $ 1,167) in the UK and now a Twitter user reports that he stumbled upon official US prices at a Target store.
Previous leaks had claimed that the entry-level Pixel would be 6 priced at $ 749 and $ 850, and the Pro would cost between $ 1,049 and $ 1,099. According to the information and a shared picture from Evan Lei, the phones will be a lot cheaper.

They apparently checked again with Target staff and were told that these are the real prices. The same prices are shown in Target’s inventory system, says M. Brandon Lee.
If it does, the 128GB Pixel 6 will be available for $ 599, which would make it cheaper than last year’s Pixel 5 ($ 699) which is a mid-range phone through and through is. This price is also much more attractive when compared to the Apple iPhone 13 mini ($ 699) and the Samsung Galaxy S21 ($ 799).
The 128GB Pro sells for $ 898, Lei says. For comparison the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a day of $ 1,099 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra sells for $ 1,199.

The leak sounds too good to be true, but phone manufacturers are known for it keep high margins, and maybe Google forego profits to gain market share. The company made its own Tensor chip for the phones, and this may have helped save some money on the parts list.
the new pixel smartphonesAs you may already know, it will likely have high refresh rate displays, bigger camera sensors, and bigger batteries. According to the Amazon list above, the Pixel 6 Pro will be a lot lighter than the competition’s flagship devices.
In addition, Google will reportedly offer four operating system updates and five years of security support. Assuming these leaks were legitimate, Google went the extra mile to get the Pixel 6 to do that best cell phone of the year 2021.

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