Once the domain of hooded spies and hackers in the nineties TV shows, VPNs are now being used by ordinary people to surf the internet anonymously.

A virtual private network routes all of your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel – a black box that nobody but you and that VPN Service itself, can look inside. As a tool, a VPN has many uses, from connecting to public WiFi networks without exposing your device to bypassing local or national firewalls.

A VPN can help you access your Gmail account when traveling in China, where Google is blocked, or to privately access help and resources that you might not want a college network administrator to know. It can help journalists who work in dangerous parts of the world where the internet is tightly controlled, just as it can help you watch Drag racing on your iPad while hungover in Marbella.

Private Internet Access is one of the most popular VPNs around. It costs less than VPNs with similar features while outperforming competitors …

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