PI Works adds EVO rApps to VMware RIC


RIC support builds on a previous Google Cloud announcement

AI-based network automation developer PI Works announced support for VMware’s non-real-time RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller). The company’s rApps are now interoperable, PI Works said.

According to PI Works, EVO is an integrated mobile network platform used for planning, management and optimization. EVO features a custom ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) framework optimized for big data processing. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, covering all RAN, transmission and network domains.

The EVO platform correlates crowdsourced and geolocated call trace and RF propagation data with Customer Experience Management (CEM) data. According to PI Works, the software offers operators optimization options to improve and maintain the mobile user experience.

This new partnership will result in a richer offering of communications automation solutions…

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