We’re around the corner through 2021, and Samsung is expected to reveal that Galaxy S21 on January 14th. Now we’re getting a whole new look at what to expect from the flagship.

Samsung hasn’t released any official photos of the Galaxy S21 yet, so courtesy of Twitter MauriQHDwho claims to have received these pictures from a friend, we have our first real look at the phone. And the bezels look even thinner than that iPhone 12 – Without the unsightly notch.

Offering a clear view of the phone, the images confirm what we’ve heard and seen, as well as rumors and a series of photos that have been showcased by insiders and tidbits. The front display has nearly symmetrical frames that are a little difficult to see due to the censored areas of the leaked photos. It is obvious, however, that it is an extremely sleek looking flat panel display.

(Image credit: Mauri QHD)

The leaker turned the phone over to reveal its back as well. It is unclear whether the back of the phone is made of glass or plastic. The leaked photo shows a light purple and gold setup that appears dull under the lighting conditions. There is also a sticker that says “No Photos Allowed” and “No Information Disclosed” but it seems it is far too late for all of these warnings.

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