CES 2022 has officially started and here at Samsungs booth, visitors from all over the world will discover how the company’s latest products and technologies are helping to create a more individual, comfortable and sustainable future.

Nicknamed the Samsung City stand in the Las Vegas Convention Center, the company’s booth is packed with innovations that bring its “Together for tomorrow” vision to life. From new bespoke home appliances to lifestyle displays to the newest addition to the Galaxy family, there is so much to see in Samsung City.

Check out the photos below for a glimpse into the exciting future Samsung presents.

Welcome to Samsung City

Samsung’s CES 2022 booth will showcase products, technologies and initiatives that will help the company achieve its “Together for tomorrow” vision.
Before going inside, CES attendees register to enter Samsung’s booth at designated kiosks.

Taking connected home experiences to the next level

An exhibit shows how Samsung devices can join together thanks to seamless connectivity to simplify home management.

Screens everywhere, screens for everyone

CES visitors admire the first-class image quality of MICRO LED, which is made possible by 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs that individually generate both light and color.
The latest MICRO LED from Samsung is available in three sizes: 89, 101 and 110 inches.
Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED illuminates the booth with lively visuals – and attracts a lot in the process.
Samsung’s new portable screen, The Freestyle, is designed to allow users to turn any room into a screen.
The Freestyle hangs over a dining table and projects playful animations in which tiny characters rush to bring 2D meals onto 3D plates.
Game on: An exhibition invites attendees to experience how The Odyssey Ark, a new 55-inch curved gaming screen, takes immersion to the next level.
A cardboard tree and other creations underscore the expansion of Samsung’s award-winning eco-packaging program.

Design your home with bespoke solutions

Samsung’s Bespoke range of home appliances now offers a wider range of customizable appliances including French door fridges, stoves and microwaves for the full range.

The Bespoke Home range also includes vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Adding more choices and colors to the Galaxy range

Visitors to the Samsung booth will take a closer look at the company’s latest mobile innovations.
The newest member of the Galaxy family: the Galaxy S21 FE.
Attendees will see a demonstration of customizing the Galaxy Z Flip3 Bespoke Edition.

Turn cars into multipurpose spaces

An interactive exhibition shows Samsung’s new vision for in-vehicle experiences.
The demo shows a scenario in which drivers and passengers are presented with real-time information on road conditions and other factors.

Participants watch how the vehicle analyzes environmental information and connects to various services to make the driving experience more enjoyable.
A participant tests a technology that monitors the driver’s condition and helps them relax for a comfortable ride.

Personalized and intelligent home of the future

The Samsung booth will also include a live demonstration of the new Samsung Bot i and the Samsung Bot mobile phone.
The Samsung Bot i is an interactive robot that simplifies tasks such as video conferencing.
The Samsung bot cell phone is a manipulation robot that can help with a wide variety of household chores.

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