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New court documents filed by lawyers for pedophile George Pell argue previous findings against the cardinal failed to eliminate doubt about his opportunity to sexually abuse choirboys. The 21-page appeal document lodged with the High Court on Friday will be the basis for Pell’s final bid to overturn his child sexual abuse convictions. His legal team argue Victoria’s Court of Appeal overlooked vital elements when two out of three judges upheld the guilty verdicts, leading the 78-year-old to a maximum six-year prison term. “The majority erred as, in light of findings made by them, there did remain a reasonable doubt as to the existence of any opportunity for the offending to have occurred,” the document read. Pell’s lawyers have previously stated it was the responsibility of prosecutors to eliminate any doubt for jurors. Barristers Bret Walker SC and Ruth Shann, representing Pell, estimate they will need no more than four…

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