PChome Online uses cloud computing for e-commerce


Kevin Tsai, President and CEO of PChome Online. Credit: DIGITIMES

According to company president and CEO Kevin Tsai, PChome Online, the largest provider of online shopping services in Taiwan, started using cloud computing services to increase operational efficiency three to four quarters ago.

PChome now uses cloud computing for more than half of its services, Tsai said, and the addition of PChome will soon improve cloud-based operations in 2022 by launching the trial application of VR and other innovative technologies for operations.

PChome currently has seven logistic facilities, five warehouses and 11 distribution centers to support its e-commerce operations in the Taiwanese market.

PChome has leased space in a large logistics building built by Chunghwa Post near Taoyuan High-Speed ​​Railway Station in northern Taiwan and will use it to house its AI-based automated logistics center, Tsai said. The logistics center will be gradually put into operation from October…

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