Ivanti has released a security update to address a new authentication bypass vulnerability in the Pulse Connect Secure appliance announced last month and encourages customers to act quickly to apply the patch.

The company’s Pulse Secure team posted a blog on Monday calling attention to the update. It has worked with CISA, Mandiant / FireEye, Stox Friedberg, and others to investigate and respond to malicious activity that it says have been identified on a “very limited number” of customer systems.

“The Pulse team took quick action to directly mitigate the limited number of affected customers and reduce the risk to their system. We are pleased that we can deliver a security patch to address the vulnerability in such a short amount of time,” it said Company said on the blog.

The update comes almost two weeks after the company and others raised the alarm that this vulnerability was being used along with older vulnerabilities that were being exploited by a sophisticated threat …

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