In a move that could have far-reaching implications for the entire technology landscape, Intel announced that Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, will replace Interim CEO Bob Swann at Intel on February 15. The question is why should he quit his job to run a fighting chip giant?

The bottom line is that he has a long history with Intel and worked with some of the biggest names in the chip industry before joining VMware in 2009. It must be a thrill for him to go back to his roots and try to speed up the start of the business.

“I was 18 when I joined Intel, fresh from the Lincoln Technical Institute. For the next 30 years of my tenure at Intel, I had the honor of being mentored at the feet of Grove, Noyce and Moore, ”Gelsinger wrote in a blog post announcing his new position.

Surely Intel has recognized that Gelsinger’s history and extensive leadership experience should be helpful as the company seeks to hold its own in an increasingly aggressive chip industry landscape. “Pat is …

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