New Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said his decision to return to chipmaker was due in part to the appeal of making one of the “big turnarounds” in technology.

The resigning VMware CEO closed the comments Virtually speaking podcast, where he also gave advice for his successor to be named.

Gelsinger’s return is seen as a massive opportunity for Intel to reverse its fortunes after years of sluggish performance and production delays. In addition to his intimate knowledge of the company, he brings a technical background and an impressive track record as CEO of VMware.

Gelsinger said he was initially in talks to join Intel’s board of directors, but that conversation “twisted” just before Christmas and instead replaced Bob Swan as the chipmaker’s CEO. His decision to return was also supported by Michael Dell, whom Gelsinger quoted as saying, “Yes, go and help them”.

“Things had gone very quickly and now it’s okay, the company had stumbled, we can one of the …

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