President Trump was kicked off most major social media platforms after his supporters besieged the U.S. Capitol. It remains to be seen how quickly or where – if at all – he can reach his followers on the Internet.

Far-right Parler had been the leading candidate, at least until Google and Apple removed it from their app stores and Amazon Parler booted from its web hosting service shortly after midnight on Monday. Parler then sued Amazon and requested reinstatement.

Parler’s managing director said prior to filing the lawsuit that Amazon’s move could take its platform offline for a week, though that could prove optimistic. And even if Parler can find a friendlier web hosting service without a smartphone app, it’s hard to imagine Parler having mainstream success.

The 2-year-old far-right magnet claims more than 12 million users, although mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower estimates the number at 10 million worldwide, with 8 …

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