• Parler fell out on Sunday after being banned from Amazon Web Services and took the far-right social app offline. The CEO said on Saturday that it would be about a week before Parler comes back.
  • However, according to BuzzFeed News, Parler was spending $ 300,000 per month on AWS. This shows that the app is working on a scale that means it probably won’t be that easy for the app to get back to functionality that quickly.
  • Cloud providers Google Cloud and IBM tell Insiders that they won’t be hosting Parler, indicating that the app may have trouble finding a provider that works on a similar scale as AWS. According to a source familiar with the matter, Oracle will not be hosting Parler either.
  • Building a private data center that could meet Parler’s needs would take a massive upfront investment to get started and still wouldn’t have all of the functionality of AWS or the like.
  • Even if it finds a new home, Parler is likely designed specifically for AWS-specific services, …

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