On Monday, Parler, the conservative favorite social media site, came back online. The website, which is now being redesigned, was effectively taken offline a month ago when Amazon Web Services put it down. It was also exposed from the Apple and Google app stores.

“Speak freely and express yourself openly without fear of being ‘de-platformed’ for your views,” the newly updated homepage said, according to CNN. A fixed placeholder message was displayed on previous visits to the site, at least in the past few weeks. Content that was active before the website was shut down also appears to be no longer available.

The repackaged social network also has a new interim CEO, named by Deadline as former tea party activist Mark Meckler.

Before Meckler took on the role, former CEO / co-founder Jim Matze was fired from the site in late January and is believed to have looked for a new host after the AWS suspension. AWS ‘rationale for …

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