Parler said losing Amazon’s services would be a “death knell,” although other platforms popular with far-right and conspiracy theorists, such as Gab and 8chan, have rebounded after being canceled by hosting providers.

David J. Groesbeck, a sole intellectual property attorney based in Olympia, Washington, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Parler.

Separately, Parler user data has been published online in a searchable database on the website by a single researcher using the Twitter alias “@donk_enby”.

The researcher began archiving all Parler posts on January 6, the date of the Capitol Riots, but Amazon’s threat to shut down the service put efforts into high gear. As of Monday, she said she had captured more than 99 percent of Parler’s content, including deleted content, in a permanently searchable record. The content included posts, images and more than a million videos, some geolocating those who recorded and posted videos of the Capitol riots.

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