During the pandemic, the MSP deliberately set customer-oriented priorities, including customer-specific security solutions.

Company Name: ICX Managed Services

Company MSP 501 rank: 172

President: Bill Woody

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida

Primary services: IT support and outsourcing, cybersecurity solutions, hosting and colocation, cloud computing / virtualization, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

ICX Managed Services was one of the companies that successfully embarked on new growth paths during the pandemic. To maintain, among other things, their value to their customers, they added several new ones Internet security Solutions based on the current threats.

Bill Woody of ICX Managed Services

The company also launched a Technology-as-a-Service program. This means that the customer can essentially select his desired equipment à la carte for a flat fee. This enables a growing business to add technology setups as needed to scale effectively.

President Bill Woody …

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