Panda Dome Advanced is a powerful security suite that is right in the middle of the Panda product range. That said, you don’t just get that Antivirus and 150 MB / day VPN from Panda Free and the Firewall, Network protection and cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Android) from Panda Dome Essential. Panda Dome Advanced adds three more tools: parental controls for Windows, Identity protection and an extra layer of security to keep you safe Ransomware and ‘advanced threats’.

Panda has more powerful suites available. Dome Complete inserts encryption, a Password manager, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the device. And Dome Premium offers you unlimited, unlimited VPN, a Windows and software update manager and unlimited ‘Premium 24/7 Technical Support’.

However, if you’re not looking for every possible security perk – or are just fed up with overweight suites crammed with features that you never use – then the Panda Dome Advanced could be the perfect balance between performance and price.



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