Panasonic Corp is committed to introducing a security system it developed for automakers to prevent cyberattacks as more vehicles enter the market offering various services over the Internet.

The new system will install software in internet-connected cars to detect anomalies, and dedicated teams at Panasonic and the automakers will monitor the cars around the clock, the Japanese electronics giant said.

In late October, Panasonic demonstrated an example of a cyber attack and how it was discovered in a replica surveillance center in Tokyo. When a demo car was hit by an experimental ranged attack in Osaka, the car’s drive wheel quickly spun 180 degrees and a warning beep sounded in Tokyo.

“If computerized control is taken over while driving, it leads to fatal accidents. In practice, anomalies have to be detected at a much earlier stage, ”said a company employee, adding that the company’s system can do just that.

The teams are …

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