Palo Alto Networks adds new app security features to Prisma Cloud


To help businesses manage and secure complex cloud environments, cybersecurity giant Palo Alto Networks is adding out-of-band web application and API security to its Prisma Cloud platform.

According to the Santa Clara, California-based company, the addition of Out-of-Band Web Application and API Security (Out-of-Band WAAS) is designed to help organizations secure web applications with maximum flexibility.

Some organizations may be reluctant to adopt web application firewalls (WAFs) or API security solutions inline for performance and scalability reasons, but the new offering gives organizations deep web and API security both inline and out-of-band, giving organizations more Get options on how to protect your cloud apps.

In addition to out-of-band WAAS, Palo Alto is adding new capabilities for threat detection, alert prioritization, and permissions management to give organizations more visibility into their cloud app portfolio.

These additions include a new multicloud…

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