Packet launches Automated Packet Connect Service with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft adds DataSense platform to Azure, with focus on education

Packet announced Packet Connect, a new service that provides private, automated interconnect for cloud and IoT applications. The service launched with Microsoft Azure and will expand to include other clouds; it is available at Packet’s New York, Silicon Valley, Dallas, and Amsterdam data centres, as well as all edge locations.

Packet Connect makes it easy for developers to manage diverse hybrid cloud infrastructure by providing reliable high-quality interconnection on an hourly and per GB basis. The service is automated via native APIs and supports virtual connections at speeds from 100M to 10G.

The new service builds upon other advanced networking features that developers can leverage with automation in Packet’sbare metal cloud, including local and global BGP, the ability to announce and control private IP space, and a flexible Layer 2 / VXLAN capability.

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