It appears that Overwatch 2 players are getting disconnected due to an “unexpected server error” when players flock in to try out the new game.

Overwatch 2 Beta is already underway and players are enjoying the revamped arena shooter like never before.

While Overwatch 2 features all of the heroes from its predecessor, there are a few changes to improve gameplay. We also have some major hero reworks also in the game!

However, a majority of players playing Overwatch 2 experience an “Unexpected Server Error” which causes them to disconnect and eventually abandon the game.

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Overwatch 2 Unexpected server error fix problem disconnect solution how to do it


It seems players have made their way in The Overwatch 2 Closed Beta via Twitch Dropsare the reason for the “Unexpected Server Error” issue.

While the beta started yesterday, Overwatch 2 invite drops just started today on Twitch. As a result, the Overwatch 2 category is exploding on the platform with over 1.5 million viewers watching live.

Of course, we expected that, considering a large portion of these viewers just want the Overwatch 2 PVP Beta Access Key.

From the looks of it, however, Blizzard didn’t expect so many players to be immersed in the game so quickly.

Fortunately, the Overwatch 2 Community Lead has provided an update on the situation. And as Blizzard increases server capacity, we can expect the “Unexpected Server Error” to resolve itself.

If you’ve already received an invitation for beta access and have the game installed, here are some guides that will help you:

Overwatch 2 server error problem how to fix the constant disconnection


Overwatch 2 experiences an overwhelming response and such issues appear at the beginning.

Speaking of the answer, The beta version of OW2 made it the most watched game and category on Twitch!

Also, make sure you get yours Access before the closed beta ends. There’s not much time left, so hurry up!

Finally if you are wondering how long you have to watch Twitch streams for your Overwatch 2 Beta accesswe have the answer for you here!

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