As more and more data breaches occur, once again a great focus has been placed on privacy and the protection of your personal data. There are steps you can take to back up your data, but a surprising number of devices don’t give you this option.

If you don’t go through the technical specs and schematics, you really can’t be sure that your virtual assistant is not listening or the kid’s toy microphone is not recording all the time.

Do not worry. We are here to help. Read on to see 10 tech devices that pose serious privacy risks.

Here is the backstory

Because it is difficult for consumers to see what they are spying on electronically, the Mozilla Foundation created the website * privacy not included. The aim is to help consumers shop for secure and protected connected devices.

Every year, the foundation publishes a list of products that could affect your privacy the most. For the rest of the year, the site includes several …

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