The Omaha, Neb.-based software and investment firm is already piloting Ron Carson’s $20 billion RIA and will enable the data leap across its clients

Orion Advisor Solutions is cutting out the data broker — itself — on behalf of RIAs to reduce T+1 transactional data to real-time with the help of a cloud computing giant.

The $1.8 trillion Omaha, Neb., RIA software and investment firm will, for the first time, begin giving RIAs access to its own data — or at least some helpful insight — directly from the data warehouse give … namely Amazon Web Services.

Eric Clarke: Solution to the “persistent problem of outdated and inefficient data delivery”.

Orion piloted the program through one of its largest RIA clients — and local allies — the Carson Group, which has about $20 billion under management.

“Orion’s streaming data architecture will give us a ‘live look’ into Orion’s databases and allow us to move away from a batch architecture where we just grab…

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