Security in ‘the future of work’ is all about creating a people-focused approach to protect the multitude of applications, content, devices, and tools that are increasingly being delivered and managed in the cloud – and traditional security models like perimeter-based security just won’t cut it.

That’s the word from Citrix chief information security officer Fermin Serna, who points to the results of a new Pulse survey conducted by the company.

The survey of 100 IT executives and managers across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, North America, and Europe, found that many organisations had a sizeable proportion of remote workers before the pandemic.

The statistics show that 8% of respondents reported that none of their workforce worked remotely, while the majority of respondents (46%) indicated that between 1-10% of their workforce worked remotely. Most respondents (92%) also support remote work to some extent.

In order to support remote workers, VPNs are a popular choice -…

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