(Image source via the Ordnance Survey website)

Ordnance Survey switched to all-flash storage to support the widespread use of virtualization and to provide improved stability and fewer performance issues with its main database.

As a result of the move, the national geolocation organization, which provides location data for public and private users, can also set up new servers much faster than was possible with older physical systems.

Since 1791, the Ordnance Survey (OS) has mapped the nation by creating, maintaining, and distributing detailed location information about Britain. The operating system is responsible for keeping 500 million geospatial data up to date in a central 4 terabyte master card.

Today, the wholly state-owned company is recognized as the world’s leading, reliable geographical area that provides effective and efficient services to its customers. This includes UK emergency services, utilities, transport networks and the land registry. The digital side of business now …


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