Oracle VirtualBox 7 Beta adds support for Windows 11


Oracle this week released the first beta version of the upcoming virtualization software VirtualBox 7. The new version is available as a trial version for Windows, Linux and Mac devices.

One of VirtualBox 7’s major improvements is that it officially supports Windows 11. VirtualBox users who have attempted to install Windows 11 on previous versions of VirtualBox may have encountered hardware compatibility check issues. While there are ways around this, it was a drag.

virtual box 7 setup vm

VirtualBox 7 also improves the Windows 11 setup experience. In addition to the improved setup screen that makes it easier to choose the local folder for the VM and ISO image, it supports unattended setups.

It is possible to skip the unattended installation by checking the box on the first page of the setup. Unattended installation support allows users to instantly add a user account, enter a product key, set up a hostname and domain name, and activate Virtual Box Guest Additions.


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