Oracle brings HeatWave to AWS


MySQL HeatWave is a cloud database service that has enabled Oracle to differentiate itself in the open source MySQL market. With the recent announcement that MySQL HeatWave is available natively on AWS, Oracle aims to accelerate this separation from other cloud database providers. What exactly is HeatWave and what did Oracle announce? I’ll try to answer all of that and more in the next few paragraphs.

MySQL HeatWave – an overview

Before we get into the details of the announcement, it’s a good idea to say a few words about what MySQL Heatwave is. Let’s start by outlining the data challenge in virtually every organization.

Data is generated everywhere in the enterprise, from applications, business units, user interactions, devices, partners and more. There is no shortage of databases and analysis tools to store and sort the data. And finally, companies have several of them, in some cases encouraged by cloud database providers, who…

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