The prediction that more companies will suffer a cloud data breach in 2022 is not exactly out of hand. The migration of IT systems and applications from the data center to cloud computing platforms is a principle of an effective strategy for digital transformation. But in their rush to the cloud, too many companies fail to recognize the security risks that are unique to cloud computing, especially misconfigurations.

Last year, 36% of organizations suffered a major cloud security leak or injury due to cloud misconfiguration Fugue’s Cloud Security Status Report 2021. and gardener assumes that by 2023 at least 99% of cloud security failures will be caused by customers, mainly in the form of misconfigurations of cloud resources.

Nevertheless, there is reason to be optimistic in the New Year: These weak points are 100% avoidable. In order to create effective protection against hackers who are constantly on the lookout for cloud misconfigurations, security experts need to know about …

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