Amazon Prime followers are increasingly common on Interstate 5, reflecting the company’s rapid growth. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

The 44% year-over-year quarterly growth would be significant to any business, but when the underlying numbers are that high, it is considered astonishing.

Amazon’s revenue was $ 108.5 billion in the first quarter compared to $ 75.5 billion a year ago. In doing so, Amazon set a new record for the Seattle-based e-commerce giant and gave a glimpse into its strong position as the world emerged from the pandemic.

The company is cutting its spending on COVID-19 initiatives, but online consumer buying habits appear to have changed permanently.

The result: Profits more than tripled from $ 2.5 billion a year ago to $ 8.1 billion.

The impact of this structural change on Amazon’s bottom line is the major impact on its first quarter results. Published Thursday afternoon.

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