At the end of January, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Air Charge technology, which allows multiple devices to be charged at the same time without the need for cables or a wireless charging stand. Now OPPO has announced something similar with its Wireless Air Charging technology. Yes, we are headed for a future of wireless wireless charging.

At MWC Shanghai, OPPO presented its concept phone OPPO X 2021 with the new wireless air charging technology from OPPO. This technology can deliver up to 7.5 W charging power without cables or charging stations.

OPPO’s wireless air charging technology uses magnetic resonance technology. This allows your device to start charging as soon as it is within 10 cm of its charging mat. The only benefit to this technology is that you can use your device while it is charging at 7.5W wirelessly. In contrast, Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology works even when the phone is just a few meters away. However, it will likely be years before …

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