We had known for a long time that Apple was working on a brand new MacBook Pro based on Apple Silicon. I wasn’t particularly interested in the rumored machine because of the tremendously good M1 Macs the company has been releasing for about a year. The new iMac is an incredible machine that is accompanied by a beautiful design. The first M1 machines presented in November last year are still very good and very fast computers. So I had no intention of buying a MacBook Pro today.

If you know me now, you are probably thinking “that was inevitable” or “of course he wanted to buy one”. But I didn’t expect Apple to come out as peppy today as they did. The new MacBook Pros have exceeded my wildest expectations. Almost everything in them is brand new. It’s in a whole different class than even the M1 Macs. But my reason for the upgrade has nothing to do with Apple Silicon or the new M1 Pro and Max chipsets. It’s about the other things.

If Apple had just introduced MacBook Pros with a similar design, slightly larger displays and a better chip, I wouldn’t even have thought of an upgrade. But the new MacBook Pros are new in every way. The displays are better than I could ever have imagined and they have a notch, a first for a Mac. Head up, it’s new, no doubt.

Brighter, better mini LED displays

The displays are also equipped with mini LEDs for the first time. They are as good as the new 12.9 ″ iPad Pro or the Pro Display XDR. They are brighter, more colorful, higher resolution and larger. You are improved in every way. Apple even curved the top corners of the display to flow nicely with the radius of the case. The bottom corners are still square to continue the theme of matching the physical case design.

A completely new industrial design

The new MacBook Pros get a completely new industrial design. They are very different from the latest Apple notebooks and are similar to old-school Macs like the Titan PowerBook G4. The Apple logo on the lid of the device is a glossy black and not the polished steel of the older models. The logos are much more noticeable, not as noticeable as the illuminated ones, but much better. They are incredibly thin even for a MacBook Pro and offer countless new functions with a slim frame at the same time.

Ports that I have forgotten that I need

I’ve always been a supporter of USB-C and it never bothered me that Apple took away all of the other I / Os. But it’s great to see HDMI on a MacBook again. I hate carrying a dongle and now it’s back where it belongs. The SD card slot is also a welcome addition. Not just because it helps professionals to unload content from cameras more easily, but because it can be used as expandable storage for some of us. You can buy a 1TB SD card and slide it into the new MacBook Pro to effectively expand your file storage space.

MagSafe is something that virtually everyone wanted back, and it’s what a lot of people look forward to the most. Glad Apple brought it back and even upgraded it with faster loading. The cord is also braided like the iMac’s power cord. That’s another big win.

Much better video calls

Unfortunately, the new MacBook Pros don’t have Face ID. But the new notch houses a much better camera. The new 1080p FaceTime camera will improve video calling exponentially, not to mention being a wide-angle lens too.

The best MacBook speakers

The improved speakers in the 14-inch MacBook Pro are a welcome addition. The speakers on the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro were massive, but the 2020 M1 notebooks lacked something in that regard. Now the smaller MacBook Pro has the same 6-speaker sound system as the bigger one and offers a much better listening experience.

ProMotion, the best new feature

Now, let’s get to the best of those MacBook Pros that got me over the edge. Advancement. This was something that was very unsafe throughout the rumor cycle, and I didn’t think it was going to debut on a Mac anymore. When Apple said the new machines were ProMotion, I knew I had to upgrade. ProMotion makes such a big difference on every Apple device it’s added to. It made the iPad Pro buttery smooth, and the latest iPhones feel faster than ever. We’re not entirely sure what ProMotion looks or feels like on a Mac, but I could imagine it resembling an iOS device. It fundamentally improves the experience.

Exponentially better than M1 machines

I loved the M1 MacBook Air and it was a workhorse during quarantine. It improved the work from home and made the Mac fundamentally fresher for the first time in a decade. The M1 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro are still great computers, but the new M1 Pro / Max MacBook Pros are better in every way. I expect to feel the novelty in every aspect of these machines and can’t wait to try them out.

Whether or not these things are valuable in your workflow is up to you, of course, and frankly there are plenty of people out there who don’t need the upgrades from Apple. But there are people like me, and I imagine, as some of you are reading this, who could absolutely do better and more efficiently with the new MacBook Pro. If you have an M1 MacBook Air or MacBook Pro from last year, you can trade it in for the new machines. It appears that Apple is offering at least $ 650 for the base M1 MacBook Air. If you have an even older device like the MacBook Pro 2019 or another MacBook Pro with a butterfly keyboard, you should definitely consider upgrading.

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