Opera VPN not working? Here’s how to fix it


We all love how convenient it is to have a browser and a VPN at the same time. Fast browsing, built-in ad blocker, Opera Turbo, Opera VPN – Opera gives us everything. But many users have complained that Opera VPN is not working for them.

The reason why you get messages like “VPN is temporarily unavailable” or “Unable to connect to Opera server‘ could be yours bad Internet connection. However, your internet connection isn’t the only one to blame every time.

Let us help you. Read the full article to know some possible fixes for Opera VPN not working.

Why is My Opera VPN not working?

The reasons for Opera VPN not working can vary from your internet connection to the server issues. Some possible reasons are listed below.

  • internet connection: Nowadays, most apps rely on the internet or a data connection to work. If your Opera VPN loads but doesn’t end up working, it may be your internet connection that’s stopping you.
  • Security…

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