Opera has a number of new features for its Chromebook Web browser to position yourself as a fully functional Chrome alternative that is also fully optimized for ChromeOS.

The new web browser offers tools not available in the standard Chrome OS, such as a free browser VPN, built-in messengers, an ad blocker and five different color themes.

Opera suggests that its optimized Android version be a simple and fast laptop browser, with “bespoke optimizations that provide a full-fledged laptop experience”. The main changes will give users more “laptop-style” controls, including keyboard shortcuts like “Ctrl + T” to open new tabs and “Ctrl + L” to focus the address bar.

In addition, Opera proposes to have developed the only browser that allows users to access chat functions without interfering with their work or the browser itself. Apps for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Telegram are built in so users don’t reach for a phone or specifically …

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