Almost a year after Culver City-based cloud-based security company Openpath Raised $ 36 million, the company announced that it has been acquired by Motorola Solutions, based in Chicago. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Openpath was founded by serial entrepreneurs Alex Kazerani and James Segil and began in 2016 as an alternative to building security key cards.

The 78-strong company plans to keep its headquarters while Kazerani and Segil will report to John Kedzierski, manager of video security and analytics at Motorola Solutions.

From left: Openpath founders James Segil and Alex Kazerani.

Openpath uses a three-level cloud-based encryption method to make the process of entering buildings virtually smooth by connecting the door sensor to the mobile phone in three different ways. When an employee wipes his hand at the sensor, he connects to the phone and unlocks the door.

The same technology can be used on elevators, parking lots …


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