Loft’s vcluster is the first working virtualization technology for Kubernetes

SAN FRANCISCO– (BUSINESS WIRE) –#kubernetesLoft laboratories, a venture-backed startup working on developer tools and platform technology for Kubernetes, announced today that the popular open source vcluster project now supports upstream Kubernetes.

Although engineers have already been able to deploy virtual clusters using vcluster on vanilla Kubernetes clusters, the virtual clusters themselves always have the idiosyncratic K3s Distribution internally instead of Kubernetes upstream. With today’s version, vcluster users can now deploy Kubernetes-powered virtual clusters to improve and optimize the use of computing resources without having to use K3s within the virtualization layer.

“We extended vcluster support to Vanilla Kubernetes in response to feedback from our user community,” said Lukas Gentele, co-founder and CEO of Loft Labs. “Many companies…

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