Opaque, a new startup that emerged from Berkely’s RISELabs, today announced a $ 9.5 million seed round to develop a solution for securely accessing and working with sensitive data in the cloud even if several companies are involved. Intel Capital led today’s investment with the participation of Race Capital, The House Fund and FactoryHQ.

The company helps customers work with secure data in the cloud while ensuring that the data they are working on is not exposed to cloud providers, other research participants or others, says company president Raluca Ada Popa.

“We are using this very exciting hardware mechanism called the enclave, the [operates] deep in the processor – it is a physical black box – and is only decrypted there. […] So even if someone has administrator rights in the cloud, they can only see encrypted data, ”she explained.

Company co-founder Ion Stoica who co-founded Databricks says that the …

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